June 7 – Burlington – Spencer Smith Park (Sound of Music Festival)


Burlington, ON


Spencer Smith Park


Doors Open

Set List

  1. Rock 'N' Roll Duty
  2. In My Shoes
  3. That's a Man
  4. Alana Loves Me
  5. Paradise Skies (Max Webster song)
  6. Blue River Liquor Shine (Max Webster song)
  7. I Am a Wild Party
  8. Easy To Tame
  9. In The Stars Tonight
  10. High Class in Borrowed Shoes (Max Webster song)
  11. Rocklandwonderland
  12. All We Are
  13. Lager and Ale
  14. Go for Soda
  15. Encore: Patio Lanterns
  16. Encore: Battle Scar

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